On the 1st of December last year, I made a life changing decision to support my husband in his quest for full healing from bowel cancer. I gave up caffeine, alcohol, meat, poultry, eggs, processed foods, refined foods, sugar, salt, chemical additives and dairy for an unspecified period of time. The goal is to remove as many toxins from the body to enable the body to function at its best and the immune system to be robust and do what it was created to do, fight disease and heal.
I attended The Gawler Foundation Life and Living Program with my husband; a 10 day live-in retreat in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria, along with 31 other people either affected by cancer or supporting someone who was living with cancer. It was life changing.

I have been eating an organic diet based on vegetables, grains and fruit. A large proportion of my diet has been raw food, the rest lightly cooked. I have avoided cooked oils, so have been steaming, broiling, sautéing in water or baking (without oil). I have eaten lots of different salads, and tried many, many different new recipes.

I have learnt how to prepare a few new foods such as tofu and tempeh, and found them tasty when marinated in low salt Tamari sauce. Using grains such as chickpeas, kidney beans and cannellini beans have become commonplace.

I have learnt the value of eating organic flaxseed oil as a source of omega 3; an essential fatty acid and transformed it with other ingredients into a moreish, healthy salad dressing. Fresh vegetables have been juiced multiple times per day and transformed into life enriching goodness, easily and quickly digested and put to good work into our bodies.

I learnt food facts that made me angry and challenged what is commonly believed in society. I learnt new evidence about what is causing so much chronic disease and cancer in Australia and beyond. I saw the research on chronic low grade stress, which is an epidemic, and what it does to the body. It was frightening.
I learnt so much and came home feeling blessed, emotionally exhausted, challenged, and feel as though I have been given the keys to a healthy long dis-ease and disease free life.
My passion is to pass on what I have experienced and learnt, and enable you and others to return to a better state of health and wellbeing…and hopefully have an impact on the next generation.

Yours in wellness,