Blue Peacock Health Coaching Services

Individual and Group Coaching, Workshops, Programs, Packages and Events

Health coaching is a system of evidence-based principles and techniques that have been built into a structure that guides health professionals in how to facilitate health behaviour change in their patients or clients.
Health Coaching actively identifies and addresses behavioural, emotional, situational and cognitive barriers to change and builds skills in decision making, problem solving and planning.

In Health Coaching, the client is acknowledged as expert in their own life, they are assisted to find their own solutions, and their intrinsic motivations are tapped into. Health coaching can be used to facilitate change in people who are low in readiness to make changes for better health (because it addresses cognitive barriers to being ready to change).

Benefits of Health Coaching include; weight management, moving more, eating better, reducing lifestyle risk factors, improved life/work balance, improving energy levels, improving sleep patterns, & stress management. Clients improve self-management of chronic health conditions too.

People often know what they should do, and want to do it, but don’t know how to make it happen. As a Health Coach, Debra helps “make health happen.” People usually have behaviours, emotions, situations and thoughts that are preventing them from achieving their health goals. When barriers to change are identified, the Health Coach facilitates them to create a strategy to overcome these barriers.

Blue Peacocks Health Coaching Services include:

  • Individual Heath Coaching Consultations
  • Executive Health and Wellbeing Program
  • Health and Wellness Workshops
  • Special Events
  • FreshaLIFE Resources
  • Healing from Cancer Program
  • One to One and Group Health Coaching Packages

Blue Peacock Values

Integrity: We aim for truthful, honest, reliable communication at all times.

Professionalism: We use qualified, experienced health professionals who act professionally at all times.

Fun: We add light-hearted aspects into the coaching and training process, and each day.

Respect: We treat clients with respect, regardless of who they are; online, on phone and in person.

Quality: We achieve best standard of practice using high quality tools, equipment and resources.

Caring: We show love and care for all clients at all times.

Excellence: We deliver a high standard of care, with service excellence.

Creativity: We use creative and evolving solutions to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Confidentiality: Privacy and confidentiality of clients’ personal information assured.

Customisation: Each client is treated as an individual with their particular needs addressed.

Health Coach Services