Freshacouples Roles, Stress, Sleep Bundle


Freshacouples Roles, Stress, Sleep Bundle

Do you struggle with sleeping and stress? Do you struggle with roles in your relationship?

Blue Peacock offers a package for only $3.97 including documents full of tips, facts and a worksheet to help you fix these issues.

The package includes a page on to how to relieve stress and suggests how to manage stressful times. The 20 tips cover areas including on activities to participate in, diet and ways to relieve or adjust your mental state.

In addition, there is a document dedicated to how to get a good night’s sleep. Areas include ways to relax, when and how long and the routine which would allow you to have the best possible sleep to energise your body.

Thirdly, the package comes with a ‘Freshacouples Roles E-Worksheet’. This worksheet includes:

There are 5 pages full on information, questions and steps for you and your partner to answer and understand. The steps are broken down into an order to allow couples to revaluate the roles of both people. Once analysed and by the end of the worksheet, you will understand what your role in the house and relationship is, leading to a healthier, functioning relationship.