Create a Freshafamilies Media Usage Planner


Create a Freshafamilies Media Usage Planner

Do you feel as though your family relies too deeply on media and technology?

Studies show that the significant usage on media links to health and well-being problems that will influence you and your children.

Your children may seem too public online or too young to be on the internet and establishing rules will help settle the family’s discussions and worries. Forming guidelines to control the use of media within a household will improve relationships and the health of your family.

Blue Peacock offers advice on how to create a family media use plan for only $2.97 to help create better habits for your family.

The document discusses the following topics:

  • Advice for parents regarding their children’s media usage
  • Tips covering the issue of cyber bullying
  • Guidance on how your family can stay safe online
  • Facts to educate you on the impact of media usage
  • Advice on setting boundaries and policies for your family

The package also includes a template planning sheet for your own personal use to help you get started quickly and easily.