Ensuring I get regular physical activity has been one area I have struggled with.

I am great with healthy eating, eating lots and lots of vegetables and enough fruits and plenty of whole grains and avoiding the foods and drinks that aren’t good for me, but when it comes to getting out and about and going for a walk or cycle ride or a swim, I can always seem to find something else that requires my attention more! BUT, if I have someone joining me, it makes all the difference. It’s called social accountability (or canine accountability if you have to walk the dog)! So, I have worked out it is best for me to arrange to meet a friend and go for a long walk, then stop off for a herbal tea or healthy cold drink afterwards.

What type of person are you? Do you need social accountability or is this area of your health one that you have well and truly got covered yourself. My husband is great in this area. He loves taking himself off for a cycle ride, usually on his road bike, but sometimes on the mountain bike. He loves to go alone, but is just as happy to go with someone too. He also loves going for an occasional kayak +/- fishing, or swimming a few lengths of our backyard pool early before brekkie.

The key is:

  1. Work out what works for you, do you need social accountability?
  2. Choose physical activities you enjoy and don’t feel like “exercise”.
  3. Think about just moving more, whether it be:

·         parking the car further away from your destination and walking the last bit
·       taking the stairs rather than the escalator or lift
·         going for a stroll around your garden each day or down to the end of your street
·         other ways you can increase your incidental activity each day

How many ways can you think of now that you could start to easily add to your week? Plan to do more incidental activity this month or once a week do one type of “moving more” that you enjoy. Jot it in your diary or on your phone to remember.

I recently bought myself a new pair of walking shoes as my first baby step towards walking more…What is your first step going to be?

I had a text message recently from one of my clients that I am coaching. She is working on a weight management /snacking related goal at the moment, and is doing SO well she is ready to take on more in the area of movement! She sums this up perfectly:

“Since I last saw you, I’ve only had one day where I’ve eaten 2 biscuits, and every other day I’ve had NONE!!! Pretty good I reckon! I am thinking I should be concentrating on something else as well, like moving more, getting more exercise. I’ve come up with a plan which may work; it is taking baby steps, just a 15 minute circuit of the lakes behind us three times per week, to start with…” Great news, well done!

Yours in wellness,