Individual Health Coaching Sessions

Debra Peacock Health Coach

Individuals often know what they should be doing to look after their health, and they often know how to do it, BUT, very real barriers get in the way of them achieving their goals. The Health Coach discovers what the barriers are, and together with the client, addresses all these barriers in the consultations and then within in a customised action plan.

Individual Health Coaching Packages are available.

Each package consists of a number of Health Coaching sessions.  Each session generally includes:

1. Identifying presenting issues and client issues

2. Exploring and setting the agenda. Exploring general goal options. Choosing a general goal – based on readiness

3. Exploring importance and confidence around achievement of that goal

4. Generating & evaluating specific options for that goal

5. Choosing a specific behavioural goal

6. Creating an action plan (including contingency & relapse planning & education)

7. Considering barriers & facilitators

8. Reviewing and referral planning (accountability).

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