Are you feeling a little anxious or worried about the upcoming Christmas and holiday season? I have a few little anxious thoughts about how things will go with various family members, and I have prepared a healthy little preventative strategy to look after my own wellbeing. I encourage you to do likewise. It’s a special time of the year when many folk, including myself, celebrate the birth of Christ. But for some, it can bring on feelings of anxiety due to loneliness, family members living away, dysfunctional family relationships, unmet expectations, or unresolved hurts.

Social isolation is a significant risk factor for illness. It can lead to poor mental health and poor physical health. In order to stay well, to achieve “Blue Peacock HEALTH”, we need to stay connected to others during this season. Connectedness is important for our wellbeing.

The pain of feeling disconnected can look like physical illness, anxiety, depression, low productivity, substance abuse, and domestic violence. We all feel socially isolated from time to time, but it’s the persistent and severe form that can damage our health and wellbeing.

We can be among lots of people and still feel socially isolated because we either feel uncomfortable, not at home, or feel we have to relate to others in a way we don’t want to.

Think about your plans this Christmas holiday season. Consider how you might look after yourself better. Consider what you might do to ensure you have a healthy little preventative strategy, like I have, to look after yourself too. What might you choose to do? What might you choose not to do? What would make you feel connected? Who would you feel connected with? How will you connect with them?

Ways to avoid anxiety and social isolation this Christmas and holiday season:

  1. Saying “hello” to someone or smiling at someone when you’re shopping or walking in your local area. Say “Merry Christmas” to all you meet.
  2. Talk to a neighbour. Invite them over for a cuppa.
  3. Think about donating a gift or toy for someone who needs it more than you.
  4. Volunteer your time.
  5. Invite someone without family or friends to join your Christmas meal. I have done this many times when living overseas away from family. It works a treat! They are SO appreciative and it helped me too!

Contact me if you would like some help and I will be pleased to be of assistance.