Facing health and wellness challenges?

Are you a woman 45+  who is facing a number of health and wellness challenges?

  • Are you lacking energy and vitality in your daily life?  
  • Are you struggling with the management of your weight?
  • Do you find your level of stress consistently high with all the varied demands that you face?
  • Are you looking for some strategies to assist you gaining more refreshing sleep?
  • Do you feel every time you try and get on top of your health challenges, you fail?  

How would you rate your current state of health and wellness?

In the Australian Health Report 2016 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) data is presented on the most common selected chronic disease by age and sex, 2014-15.

For women 45 to 64 years of age the chronic diseases selected in order were:

  • Mental health conditions
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain and problems
  • Asthma

NOT addressing your health and wellness challenges can lead to increasing the risk of you getting a chronic disease. Or if you already have one or more chronic diseases, ignoring your health will only escalate those conditions.

Tailored Health and Wellness Plan for Women

Blue Peacock can help you to create and implement a Health and Wellness Plan tailored specifically for your health challenges. This unique action plan will include micro daily action steps to get your health and wellness on track and thus reducing the risk factors for chronic disease.

It is time to make a change and not just be another statistic!

You may feel you have a such a long way to go to recovering your health and so why even bother starting. But this is where I as your Health Coach can keep you accountable and motivated to stay the course. I partner with you to assist you in creating and implementing achievable health and wellness goals. Together we find ways that will benefit your health journey.

Contact Debra Peacock, Health Coach TODAY for your 30 minute complimentary no-obligation chat

In our conversation we will discuss how the services of Blue Peacock can assist you in increasing your current state of health and wellness. It’s never too late to start!

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