In 2016, it was estimated that 130,466 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia (72,048 males and 58,418 females). In 2012, the age-standardised incidence rate was 485 cases per 100,000 persons (572 for males and 412 for females).

Cancer Australia, Australia Government

Have you or a loved one recently undergone treatment for cancer and you/they are now in the recovery phase?

In November 2010, a family member was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.He underwent 5 operations, 5 weeks of radiotherapy, and 6 months of chemotherapy. The medical and surgical treatment phase took 9 gruelling months. Following that was a 5-year period of regular testing, watching and hoping.

I am a trained, experienced Registered Nurse and a Health and Wellbeing Adviser. I have nursed many people in hospital with cancer, but I had never been a Carer to a family member with cancer. This was a whole new experience. I started doing research into more ways I could help. I learnt about ways to help boost his immune system, so his own body was as effective as it could be to fight the cancer cells remaining in his body. My family member is now cancer free.  

A Health and Wellness Plan that nurtures recovery

Facing the battle of cancer is not easy, it can be a long road to recover health and wellness.

Blue Peacock are specialists in assisting men and women to develop a health and wellness plan that nurtures recovery.


Self-Paced Healing from Cancer Program ©

The self-paced Healing from Cancer Program has been designed by Registered Nurse and Health Coach, Debra Peacock. The Program offers a sound and practical action plan broken into manageable steps to assist and rebuild the health and wellness of those who have been treated for cancer.

The Program contains:

  1. 12 Spots on the Peacock’s Tail to Healing from Cancer Electronic Workbook ©
  2. Each of the 12 spots will take approximately 1 hour to read and write the action steps, followed by 1 to 2 hours of implementation.
  3. Daily Wellness Journal
  4. Recommended Healing from Cancer Recipes.

How do you use this Healing from Cancer Program?

  • Work your way through each section of the Electronic Workbook at your own pace. The 12 spots do not have to be done in any set order.
  • Incorporate the recommended action steps for each spot into your daily life. Make this a priority.
  • Enjoy feeling more in control of your Healing from Cancer journey and the benefits of these daily healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Use the Daily Wellness Journal and Recommended Recipes to help you along the way.
  • Supplement the self paced Program with one to one accountability sessions by Skype or phone with Health Coach, Debra Peacock as you need (these sessions are at an additional cost to the Program).

NOTE: The Blue Peacock Healing from Cancer Program © is not intended to replace in any way the advice or direction of your medical plan from your Cancer Physicians or medical practitioners you are working with.

COMPLIMENTARY 45 minutes Healing from Cancer Session

Contact Debra today to book a complimentary 45 minute session to discuss how this self-paced Healing from Cancer Program © can assist you or a loved one in their recovery from cancer.

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