I am passionate about the wellbeing of family and relationships, marriage and parenting, women and children.

I champion the cause of being truly WELL: healthy families, healthy women, healthy relationships, healthy marriages and healthy kids.

I believe many families are under a lot of pressure and are stressed.

I believe many marriages are under a lot of pressure and are struggling.

I believe many women are under a lot of pressure and are under functioning.

I believe many children are under a lot of negative influences; emotionally, physically, and mentally.


I believe the family unit can often struggle to maintain a wholesome status quo that nurtures each of its members. Societal and peer expectations to be involved and busy in so many activities put unrelenting time pressures on families. Financial stressors and job challenges can add an almost unbearable load on the family unit. Extended family often live long distances away further reduce family support. Blended families have extra challenges to overcome.

I believe marriages need support from others. It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child”…I say it takes a community to support a marriage. Workplaces could better recognise marriages by putting in policies to ensure workers to leave work on time, have flexible working hours, and stop expecting workers to work more than reasonable hours so couples can have time each day to come together again. Friends and family could better encourage and support couples by passing on wisdom, being involved and being willing to offer guidance.

I believe women need to be championed to be self-full, confident and courageous, to be contented, sure, assertive, and even bold at times. Lack of confidence, lack of self-belief, and caring for others can make a woman’s life mission difficult, to say the least. Women often battle against low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and a belief that they must always put others first and not be caring of themselves. Yes, we should put others first, but we must also look after ourselves. Even the Good Book has instruction about this: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” Matthew 22: 39.

I believe children need to be allowed to grow up as children; loved and protected, taught and nurtured, coached. I believe their bodies need wholesome and good food and drink. Their minds need instruction, challenge, and protection from harmful inputs. As they grow, their bodies need much physical activity, fresh air, sunshine and laughter. They deserve to be parented well.

FreshaLIFE was born out of my desire to make a difference in these areas. FreshaLIFE includes; freshafamilies, freshacouples, freshamums, freshadads, freshaseniors, fresharecipes and freshahaven. I am always developing more services, products and information to assist others to have a freshalife. I am on my own journey, and have experienced many joys and challenges along the path of life. I believe I my experiences can help others. I invite you to dip into the fresha range of products and services in order to have a freshalife.

I believe there are 12 important areas we need to take care of to BE WELL. In addition to this, I believe there are also 12 unique areas that are unique to us that we must take care of to ensure we reach our full potential in health. I illustrate this with the following equation:

Blue Peacock Wellness Equation:

Generic 12 Spots for Wellbeing + Uniquely Me 12 Spots

= blue peacock HEALTH & FreshaLIFE

We must overlay the two to get true wellbeing.

Blue Peacock 12 Spots + My 12 Spots = My True Colours = FreshaLIFE

Blue Peacock Generic 12 Spots for wellbeing are:

  • FOOD – Daily balanced sustenance with wholesome, organic foods
  • MOVEMENT – Daily physical activity
  • INNER PEACE – Manage stress well
  • CONNECTIONS – Belonging and contributing
  • REST – Relaxation and sleep
  • ROLES – in work, family and community
  • WATER – Pure drinking water
  • FAMILY and home
  • FINANCES – To bring contentment and security
  • ENVIRONMENT – Minimise toxicity in surroundings, habits and relationships
  • LEARNING – Lifelong learning
  • SPIRITUALITY – Being in relationship with self, others and a “Higher Power”


To find out your Uniquely Me 12 Spots, I can work with you to discover them.

Your Uniquely Me 12 Spots, “Show My True Colours Peacock Tail,” with 12 unique elements to keep you well may include elements like fun or play, creative interests, socialisation, quality healthy foods, an aesthetic environment to live in. Contact us to book in a discovery session.