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What should I expect at a Discovery Session?

A Discovery Session is a complimentary personal coaching session with me for people that want to find out more about my coaching style and the process I use. We find out where your current level of wellness is, then move on to which area of health is most important to you to improve. Then we can look at creating first steps to move into an action plan for improvement in those areas. If you are already ready, you can skip this session and get we can started with a package that suits you.

How often should I have a coaching session?

Essentially this is your decision.

Everyone is different –some people like once a week, or once a month, or even once a fortnight.

It really depends on how quickly you can make progress in your chosen area of learning and improvement.

I can make recommendations to assist you in deciding.

How much homework is expected from me?

You choose your own pace. We find it is most effective to set baby steps in line with what is important for you and what you feel ready to work on. Micro steps ensure that your effort moves you towards your own chosen SMART goal – (Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, Time-framed).

What is included?

Our packages include a combination of personal coaching, worksheets, templates, and do-it-yourself tools, so it depends on what package you purchase. We also offer lots of tools, tips and templates to help you on your journey to wellness. Many are listed under package “details” in the Website shop.

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What payment options are there?

There are many ways to pay

  • For resources can pay via our website shop
  • For service packages we can invoice you directly and you can pay direct to Blue Peacock bank account
  • Or with a face to face appointment, you can pay by cash & we will email you a receipt.


Can I have a payment plan in times of financial hardship?

We are always willing to arrange a customised time-payment plan that will work for you.

We can discuss this on an individual basis.

What does a coaching session consist of?

Each session will be different depending on what is important to you.

Firstly, we will review your progress, noting your successes, improvements, stresses, and any disappointing results. We will discuss progress in both areas of success and disappointment, and see how that could have happened. We can identify some of the potential barriers to moving on to adopting new healthy habits. This will support the success you seek in your own personalised action plan.

Then we will move on to discovering what is the next step you are wanting to move on to, and we discuss how to create steps to achieve that goal.

Over time, we will identify the consequences of short and long term behaviours that are undermining your future health. This can be very motivational as we continue to create your own personal healthy goals action plan, with all the micro-steps along the way. Then you can tick then off as they are achieved. Well done!

Clients find that success leads to further successes in a snow-balling way. It all becomes easier.

How do I start? What do I do to begin my own small changes towards a healthier life-style?

There is a menu of choices.

  • You can purchase a FreshaLife wellness rating self-assessment tool for $4.97 from the shop. Then you have started to discover your own current state of wellness.
  • You can book a personal complimentary Discovery session with me.Just fill in your details on the Contact us page of the website.
  • You can contact me for a telephone or skype or coffee chat. I can help you to decide where to start and how to begin based on your own personal choice.
  • You can attend a Blue Peacock event. .
  • You can browse through our online shop and choose a resource hat suits your needs and purchase it.
  • You can follow us on Facebook and receive free health information, tips and tools and notifications of events coming up.
How long does my coaching go for?

It all depends on your own choice and needs. Some only use a couple of coaching sessions and have a long-term direction. Others need a regular check-up to keep them on track. I will always assist you to move in whatever direction you want to move in, and are able to work on at this time


Where and how is coaching delivered?

We can meet face-to-face. Libraries and coffee shops are useful meeting places.

Home visits to new mums are sometimes useful.

We can meet by Skype or Facetime.

We can talk via the telephone

I can visit work-places for individual clients.


What is my investment? How much will it cost me?

We have options to suit all budgets.

I offer self-help and self-assessment tools for under $5.00

You can choose from my range of coaching packages.

I invite you to browse from the resources to find what suits your needs

We identify Issues affecting your health, e.g. weight management, stress, poor sleep.

Each session covers the topic that is important to you at the moment.

What outcomes should I expect?

Good ones!!!!!!

I expect you to have magnificent break-throughs in areas you have been struggling with for a long time.

We use baby steps, so as each success is achieved, you will feel more able to take more and more steps towards your own chosen health goals.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

This is something we would discuss on an individual basis. It may be that your satisfaction is not being achieved because of something we can address very easily. So we will talk together.