Executive Health and Wellbeing Program

Debra Peacock Health Coach

Do you want to help your Executives and Managers to handle stress better, cope with organisational change and lead their staff more effectively?

Executives and Managers who achieve a quality balanced lifestyle incorporating healthy habits, handle stress and organisational change better, have more energy and enthusiasm and are more productive employees. They feel well, stronger, fitter and more in control. They are happier at home and therefore at work. This positively affects staff in their departments.


An Executive Health Coach’s role includes:

  • Assisting clients make a decision to make positive health and lifestyle changes, based on an assessment of how ready they are to work on particular issues. We start where client readiness is high.
  • Increasing the client’s rate of success at making positive health and lifestyle behaviour changes: By assisting the client to work on an issue they are ready to work on, chance of success is higher and this success increases intrinsic motivation to work on the next health/lifestyle issue. By taking small steps towards change, gradual success is built on.
  • Assessing the client, providing relevant recommendations, and providing education appropriate to the client needs.
  • Involving the client actively in the planning of their personalised action plan facilitates successful implementation. We work on issues of measured high importance.

Service features:

  • An action plan for client to take home
  • Follow up phone calls or emails if requested for ongoing support

Client benefits

Could you and your team benefit from working on any of the health or life areas below?

Other service benefits are:

  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Reduced stress / reduced burnout / reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced sickness and disease
  • Better maintenance of chronic disease or medical conditions
  • Reduced lifestyle risk factors
  • Improved adherence to medical and health guidelines

Our Program:

  • 15 week health coaching program.
  • The program contains blocks of 4 fortnightly consultations, plus 2 follow up consultations. Additional email and telephone support is available for those individuals who would like this service between sessions.
  • Consultations can be face-to-face or via Skype or telephone, depending on location.
  • Bookings of three or more staff per day. Block bookings are required.
  • Outline of consultation spacing and time frames:
    • Session 1 week 1   – 1 ½ hrs
    • Session 2 week 3   –  ½ hr
    • Session 3 week 5   – 1 hr
    • Session 4 week 7   – ½ hr
    • Session 5 week 11 – 1 hr
    • Session 6 week 15 – 1 hr