A customised model of Health and Wellbeing

12 Spots for Displaying the Full Colours of Your Health and Wellbeing

Blue Peacock will assist you in creating and implementing a customised HEALTH AND WELLBEING PLAN to help you achieve your full spectrum of health. Your plan may incorporate as many of the following “spots” as you choose.

FOOD – Daily balanced sustenance with wholesome, organic foods. Attempts for eating right are elusive for many. Not eating right is a proven major contributing factor to chronic disease. Learn the simple secrets of eating to be well.

MOVEMENT – Daily physical activity. Find the physical movement that you enjoy. Then develop a personalised daily plan of physical activity to enable you to ‘strut’ through life.

INNER PEACE – Manage stress well. Low-grade chronic stress and acute stress play havoc with our body’s homeostasis. Create strategies for managing everyday stress. This will contribute to developing daily inner peace.

CONNECTIONS – Belonging and contributing. Feeling a sense of belonging is vital for mental and emotional health. Establish healthy ways of being connected to family, friends and community.

REST – Relaxation and sleep. Learn how to enjoy enough sleep for good health. Experience the health benefits of daily rest and relaxation practices

ROLES – in work, business, family and community. It is really important to know what our role is in each situation. Learn how to identify what roles you have and those you would like. Learn how to effectively change roles throughout the day. Be proud of the roles you play.

WATER – Pure drinking water.◦Water is essential for life. Learn about the benefits of drinking water regularly as a simple, low-cost health enhancer.

FAMILY and home. Daily interactions with family are beneficial for our wellbeing. Find ways to include regular time with family, face-to-face or via technology. Build your nest as a haven of security and peace.

FINANCES – To bring contentment and security. Money matters. Uncover what financial contentment means for you and develop an elegant plan to make it happen.

ENVIRONMENT – Minimise toxicity in surroundings, habits and relationships.Internal and external environmental factors affect our health and wellbeing. Find achievable ways to minimise these effects.

LEARNING – Lifelong learning. It’s important to keep learning: to learn about what interests you, what you need to find out to enhance your health and wellbeing, to learn how to play your life roles better, and to learn how to have a good life.

SPIRITUALITY – Being in relationship with self, others and a “Higher Power”. Research shows the longest lived peoples of the world incorporate spiritual practices into their daily lives. Other research highlights the way practices of meditation and a personal faith help prevent and enhance recovery from chronic disease. Develop a routine for these practices.

The three case studies below illustrate how Blue Peacock clients improved their health and wellbeing with a customised action plan to work on the “peacock spots” important to them.

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Case Study 1


Catherine, 36 year old health professional

  • Stressed, poor sleep, low energy
  • History of depression. Client wanted to learn strategies to help avoid postnatal depression.
  • Referred by obstetrician 6 weeks prior to birth of first baby

Initial client importance rating 10/10, initial client confidence rating just 4/10
Post initial health coaching session with customised health and wellbeing action plan created, client confidence rating increased to 8/10.

Catherine’s received coaching from the third trimester until her 1st son was 7 months old and avoided postnatal depression, even though she was challenged by mastitis, feeding difficulties, and anxiety. Catherine voluntarily re-commenced coaching 3 weeks prior to her 2nd son’s birth, and continued to enjoy ongoing monthly consultations to maintain & improve her wellbeing until her 2nd baby was 7 month’s old.

She and her husband also benefitted from our Freshacouples program to refresh their relationship alongside the challenges of having a baby and toddler.

Case Study 2


William, 52 year old health professional

  • Highly stressed, poor sleep, poor energy levels, no relaxation, high responsibility job
  • Struggling with many of his roles; as health professional, father, husband
  • Health and relationships were seriously affected

Initial client importance rating 10/10, Initial client confidence rating just 2/10
Post initial health coaching session with customised action plan created, client confidence rating increased to 7/10.

William benefitted from many coaching sessions and resulting from the customised health and wellbeing plans we created together, he re-commenced sporting pursuits, planned time for relaxation and time with his wife and family, reported reduced workplace stress, and improved communication with his wife and work colleagues.

Case Study 3


Jane, 27 year old business woman

  • Referred by her obstetrician at 38 weeks pregnant
  • History of anxiety and on medication, had a recent “minor breakdown”

Initial consultation: Anxious about a number of issues; predominantly the post birth period, breastfeeding concerns, family dynamics, dealing with multiple types of advice. I assisted Jane to create a customised action plan to assist with these anxieties. Within her plan, we addressed ways to overcome the potential barriers and obstacles to achieving the desired outcomes.

Jane rated her initial Importance & Readiness as both 10/10, and her initial confidence extremely low, as 1/10 toaddress the main cause for anxiety herself. At the conclusion of our consultation, and with her new action plan in hand, Jane rated her subsequent confidence at 7-8/10 at success and she appeared much relieved. Jane has reported to me her post birth plan succeeded as she wished, and she was pleased and grateful.

Jane had ongoing sessions with me post birth to address other health & lifestyle issues:

  • anxiety around being a new mum
  • scheduling and daily plans
  • breast feeding challenges
  • family issues
  • return to work
  • travelling with baby
  • her health and fitness
  • healthy food choices
  • weight management

Health education was provided as appropriate. Goals were set with small steps to achieve success. Support was given between sessions, with encouragement in her new role as mum and a referral given to see to a lactation consultant.

A snapshot of a few of Jane’s goals and outcomes:

  1. General goal: To have uninterrupted family time post delivery
    • Specific goal: Immediate 12-24 hours post birth as private time bonding as a new family of 3.
    • Outcome: Initiation of the Relaxation Response and Jane went into labour later that day, avoiding the planned induction. She achieved 12 hours bonding time privately as a new family, and then Jane decided she was ready to announce the birth of her son!
  2. General goal: Find a comfortable balance with feeding.
    • Specific goal: To breast feed just for the following 10 days as a small, achievable initial goal (seriously considered giving up breastfeeding at 4 weeks due to anxiety and breast feeding complications).
    • Outcome: Achieved, and continued to breast feed her baby. In client’s words; “Have just finished with lactation consultant and have a renewed plan re breastfeeding so that’s got me motivated and more confident on that front, which I must thank you for, Debra, because it was after our last session that I decided I had more “fight” in me to keep trying.”
  3. General goal: To have a comfortable evening routine (usually a time of high anxiety)
    • Specific goal: Have a plan and routine for the 3-9pm period
    • Outcome: (in client’s words): “We haven’t officially started our new goal…but as a trial, wanted to share with you, at 6pm I’ve got dinner sorted, lunches cut, floor swept, bubba still asleep, and now a cup of tea for me! Really couldn’t have done it without your help and coaching! It’s really helping and I’m so grateful. I am calm and relaxed ready for when bub wakes up.”