Empowering and Equipping Individuals, Families, Professionals and Entrepreneurs to take Daily Health and Wellness Steps

Health Coach Debra Peacock

Blue Peacock Health specialises in:

Health and Wellness for Women

Are you a woman 45+ who is facing a number of health issues which you feel you are just not able to get on top of and your energy and vitality is lacking? Are you struggling with the management of your weight? Do you find your level of stress consistently high with all the varied demands that you face each day? Are you looking for some strategies to assist you gaining more refreshing sleep? Blue Peacock can help you to create and implement a Health and Wellness Plan tailored specifically for your health challenges, which includes micro daily action steps to get your health and wellness on track.

Health and Wellness for Recovery from Cancer

Have you recently undergone treatment for cancer and you are now in the recovery phase? Facing the battle of cancer is not easy, it can be a long road to recover health and wellness. Blue Peacock are specialists in assisting men and women to develop a health and wellness plan that nurtures recovery. The Healing from Cancer Package, a self-paced program has been designed by Nurse Practitioner and Principal Consultant, Debra Peacock. The Program offers a sound and practical action plan broken into manageable steps to assist and rebuild the health and wellness of those who have been treated for cancer.

Health and Wellness for Christian Entrepreneurs

Are you a Christian Entrepreneur who wants to be healthier? Health and well-being is so important to fulfilling the call of God on our life but so often it is our physical and emotional health that can be neglected. We can at times feel like we are juggling a number of balls between business, family, friends, church, community and so on, yet not necessarily feeling like we are making much progress with those healthy goals that we desire. Blue Peacock is your Health Coach Partner: Debra provides a range of Health Coaching Services that can assist you in implementing action steps that will propel your health and wellness to new levels.

Health and Wellness Coaching Services

Gain confidence, live healthier, act smarter and live your life with no limits. Blue Peacock offer an extensive range of Health and Wellness Coaching Services, whether you want a one to one or a group coaching session or to attend a workshop, we can help you.

Health and WellBeing Blueprint: 12 Spots Model

Discovering your Personal Health and Wellness Blueprint is at the heart of the Health and Wellbeing Coaching Services provided by Blue Peacock. This unique Blueprint is called the 12 Spots Model. These “Spots” are the 12 areas Health Coach, Debra Peacock promotes as important to be included in a person’s daily life to enhance and protect their health and help prevent sickness.


Blue Peacock champions the health and wellbeing of Families: A healthy family means a happy family loving life with energy and focus. Freshalife is the suite of resources developed by Health Coach, Debra Peacock to specifically support the Health and Wellness needs of Families: practical tools along with tips and advice that makes a healthy family an achievable goal.

New clients are welcome to contact Debra for a complimentary “focus session” – a 30mins Skype or phone consultation, to work on a particular aspect of your health and wellness.

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